You’re in Control with the Cheapest Prepaid Electricity in Texas from Electric for Less!

Now you, not the former monopoly utility company, have control over the cost of your electric service. And not only do you pay for low-kWh rates, but you also pay only for what you actually use. When you choose pay-as-you-go, the smart meter installed on your home reports back your usage daily. We simply take that daily read and bill you for your actual usage.

Plus, you get flexible payment options that allow you to manage your budget when life doesn’t go as planned. We know you work hard and do your best to pay your bills on time, but sometimes you need an extra day or two to work things out. We do our best to work with you to provide that extra cushion when times get tough.

Get the Cheapest Prepaid Electricity in Texas with Any Income Level or Credit History

Hey, sometimes bad things happen. You lose your job through no fault of your own and can’t pay your bills. Your credit score slides downward a little.

Of course, you would happily pay your bills in full and on-time, but sometimes you have to make choices for the good of your family. At Electric for Less, you don’t have to worry about situations like this – we’ll happily take you on as a customer. You shouldn’t be unable to get electric service just because things in your life didn’t go your way.

We’re a Family-Owned and Operated Power Company

3 brothers – Brandon, Byron, and Brian Young, with 30 plus years of combined experience in prepaid retail electricity, founded and run Electric for Less. It’s our goal to deliver you the cheapest prepaid electricity in Texas, and give you the personal attention you expect from a smaller company.

Electric for Less wants to give you a better option for your electricity. Call 888.663.9363 or contact us online today to get access to the cheapest electricity in Texas


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