Top 5 Benefits of Energy Savings


Have you ever thought about why you choose to save energy? Well, there’s the obvious benefits, like saving money and reducing the harm you do to the environment. Those are definitely good things.

However, when you choose to save energy, you actually experience many other benefits. And those can include:

  1. Feeling Good Because You’re Doing the Right Thing

Life is short, isn’t it? The good times come and go. So while you’re here, you might as well enjoy your time. When you do the right thing, you feel better about yourself and life in general. And saving energy certainly leads to those good feelings.

  1. You’re Giving the Economy a Huge Boost

Believe it or not, saving energy helps our economy a ton. According to data quoted by ACEEE, 830,000 American jobs depend on energy efficiency. In addition, they point out that consumers will use the money saved to spend somewhere else in our economy, which also leads to further job creation.

Who knows the true economic impact of that? No one to our knowledge. But you can bet it is significant.

  1. We Improve Our National Security

Consider the foreign countries where much of our oil comes from. Some of those countries have strong negative attitudes towards us, and others have terrorist groups who can’t wait to see the demise of our country.

Depending less on foreign oil means those countries have fewer financial resources to fund anti-American actions.

  1. Cities Improve their Accessibility

Think about cities, like Seattle and Chicago, with smartly integrated transportation. Bike paths, busses, trains, and subways make these cities easy for pedestrians to get around in without using their vehicles.

That’s a lot of energy they’re able to save as a result too.

  1. Businesses Can Gain Access to More Capital to Create Jobs

If you think about “economies of scale,” the larger the company’s building, the more opportunity they have to save energy and money. That saved money can then be diverted towards the benefit of the employees, or towards hiring additional workers to grow the company’s profits even further.

The number of benefits you, and everyone else, get from energy efficiency are too many to count. Keep them in mind so you stay motivated to use energy in the most efficient way possible.

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