The PrePaid Advantage

Why should you use prepay electricity?

You get these benefits when you do:

  • Low rates per kWh
  • Never sign a contract
  • No credit check
  • ID not required
  • Never pay early cancellation penalties
  • Pay only for what you use – never your estimated use
  • Get daily text/e-mail notifications so you know exactly what you use
  • No initial deposit
  • Always have service because payment extensions are available

Traditional Post-Pay Electric Companies Make you Jump Through all Sorts of Time-Wasting Hoops

For example, they’ll usually require an large initial deposit to start service – money you might not have or don’t want to pay. They pry into your private information and check your credit score and ID. Often, they lock you into a contract – so you’re stuck with their customer service and billing, even if it’s unfair or sub-par.

Then, if you want to leave the traditional post-pay company before your contract expires, you have to pay cancellation fees too…

Should you really have to deal with that?

At Electric for Less, you avoid all these hassles and get flexible payment options and excellent customer service. You never sign a contract and get all the benefits of prepay, no-deposit electricity. And we can connect you – FREE – the same day in most cases.

SHOP  RATES NOW to sign up or call 888-663-9363 today.

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