Texas Electricity Company That Gives You a Great Deal

Let’s face the truth: most utility companies don’t offer you a fair deal. They try to entice you with cheap rates. But then all the terms and conditions of the contract are written in their favor. And all sorts of hidden fees and other financial traps await you the minute things go wrong.

Aren’t businesses supposed to exist to serve consumers, and not squeeze as much money out of them as possible?

It’s important you’re aware of this because it happens a lot in every industry. But especially the Texas electricity industry.

Electric For Less Never Asks You to Sign a Contract, And Charges No Early Cancellation Fees

We get it. Even though the Texas electricity market is now deregulated, things still aren’t necessarily easy for innocent consumers like you. All kinds of utilities roam around out there, like wolves in sheep’s clothing, ready to devour you the second they can.

And at Electric For Less, we get that. We don’t want you to feel pressured to sign up for our cheap electricity rates in any way.

That’s why you never sign a contract when you use our services. And you don’t have to pay any cancellation fees if you decide to try someone else out. So there’s absolutely no financial risk on you.

But that’s really just the beginning of all the benefits you can get. You also:

  • Never need a credit check when you sign up for our prepaid option (bad credit is OK – we don’t care about your credit score at all)
  • Don’t need to present any ID
  • Get daily balance notifications so you know exactly what electricity you’re using, and the amount of funds you have left (if you’re using the prepaid option)
  • Have flexible payment options available, just in case an emergency situation happens

Get Connected to Our Cheap Electricity Today

Think of us as the Texas electricity company that goes out of its way to give you the best service, and electric rates, you can get anywhere in Texas.

If you have a smart meter connected to your home, you can connect to our service today for free.

Sound good?

Great, just Shop Rates or call 888.663.9363 today!

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