Texas Electric Company That Saves You $$$

Do you believe most “deals” when you see them? Or do they only like deals, but really they’re meant to make someone else big money?

Unfortunately, that’s how utilities often work today. In Texas, you don’t have to deal with the monopoly power company anymore. But you do have to scrutinize the terms and conditions all the private companies offer.

Because they often write all the details in their favor. And that’s just not fair!

At Electric For Less, You Don’t Have to Deal with the Nonsense of Frustrating, Hard-to-Understand Terms and Conditions!

Instead, you simply never sign a contract. That’s right. You can cancel anytime and for any reason. And you pay absolutely no early cancellation fees.

You should feel like you have the complete freedom to do whatever you think is best. And in America, that’s only the right thing to do.

But that’s not where all the benefits end. In fact, that’s where they begin. You see, you also get among the cheapest electricity rates in all of Texas. And remember, if you don’t believe you get that, you’re free to go somewhere else whenever you want. We service more than 400 cities in Texas, so it’s likely you’ll get the low rates you want wherever you’re located.

And you get great service too. We’re not going to pounce on you the minute you can’t pay your bill. Instead, give us a call the minute you know trouble’s coming. And we’ll do everything we can to work out a fair and reasonable solution with you.


  • No credit check needed when you choose to prepay (bad credit OK)
  • No ID necessary
  • Get daily account balance notifications via text or e-mail
  • Free same-day connection to our service if you already have a smart meter

And finally, you pay only for the electricity you actually use. It’s a practice at many Texas electric companies to bill you for “estimated” usage. It means they’re billing you on what you historically use this time of year, and not what you actually use. And you can guess whether that number’s too high or not.

Ready for cheap electric rates and great service? Great, just Shop Rates or call 888.663.9363 today!

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