The Texas Electric Company with No Deposit

If electric companies in Texas want customers, why do they make it so hard for you to sign up?

You must have a good credit score. You need to fill out all this paperwork. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget this outrageously high deposit!

That makes it practically impossible for you to get electricity.

But, you really shouldn’t have to pay that, even if you have a bad credit history, or none at all.

That’s where Electric For Less comes in. When you prepay for your electricity (and you can do it however you want), you don’t have to make any deposit at all. You do need a minimum prepayment, but that gets 100% applied to your electricity use.

Absolutely none. Zero. Zilch.

Electric For Less Wants You as a Customer, Even If You Have A Bad Credit History or None At All

That sounds like a fair deal doesn’t it? You prepay. We don’t ask for a deposit. We make money. You get low electric rates and great service.

And if you’re like the rest of our customers, you use 27% less electricity than the average Texan.

How does prepaying work?

Honestly, however you want. You can prepay monthly, weekly, or even daily if you’d like. You’ll receive daily text and/or e-mail notifications of your electricity use, and the amount of funds you have left in your account. Then, when you’re running low, you simply add more funds, just like you would a prepaid cell phone.

Why Else Might You Like Electric For Less?

Well, we’re flexible when it comes to emergency situations. We get it – bad things happen to you that you simply cannot control. Everything possible that could go wrong does so at once.

Don’t worry about it! Instead, give our friendly customer service reps a call. Let us know your situation, and we’ll be happy to work with you until things get better again.

Yeah, we’re not the company that’s going to shut off your electricity the minute you can’t pay. Leave that to the other guys.

Connect for Free and Get Low Electricity Rates Today

If your home already has a smart meter, we can get you connected for free today. No credit check or ID necessary. And no estimates when billed – pay only for the electricity you actually use.

Contact us online or call 888.663.9363 today to get the cheap rates you deserve.

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