Stop Paying Too Much for Your Prepaid Electric in Dallas!

Cheap Prepaid Electric for Dallas Residents – Stop Paying Way Too Much!

What’re you paying per kWh for your electricity? Because the monopoly energy company is no longer the sole competitor, rates have fallen across Texas.

But, some companies still lock you into long-term contracts and guess what – your rates go up the entire time. Others charge you for “estimated usage”, which means they don’t even read your meter. They bill you on what they estimate you’ll use that month. And you can bet they’re going to over-estimate what you use.

Deregulation overall is a good thing, but not all business practices out there are consumer friendly.

Now You Can Get Prepaid Electric…Without Any Credit History and Without Signing a Contract

It’s about time someone helped you get the access to electricity you need and deserve – without making you jump through all kinds of hoops. And without all the nasty fine print.

At Electric For Less, you get among the cheapest electric rates available in Texas. You don’t need any credit (bad credit’s fine too), and you don’t even have to sign a contract.

That means we have to consistently work to make sure you get the best service available. Otherwise, you can leave and find someone else. There’s nothing better in business than when your best interests are tied to our excellent level of service.

Never Pay for Estimated Usage – Pay Only for What You Use

At Electric For Less, you get billed 2 days in arrears for the actual energy you use. Many Dallas prepaid electric companies bill on “estimated usage”. Because they think your meter is in too hard of a place to read, they don’t send someone out, and instead bill you on what you usually use during that month (but not what you really used). And guess what? You shouldn’t be surprised that you actually pay more than you use!

That never happens at Electric For Less. You only are “true-billed” for what you actually use. Plus:

  • You can connect the same day for FREE when you elect to use a smart meter
  • You get daily balance notifications so you know how much electricity you use, what’s left in your prepaid account, and when you need to add funds
  • No ID is ever needed
  • You never pay cancellation fees
  • And if you ever run into an emergency, we’re happy to work with you to create flexible payment options!

Sign up with Electric For Less today when you call our bilingual reps at 888.663.9363 or by contacting us online.

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