A Step Above All Other No-Deposit Electric Companies

When Texas deregulated electricity, the idea was that would lead to a better deal for consumers like you. And it kind of works that way.

But then the practical effect of that is private companies structure their fees and payments in all sorts of different ways. And many of those are designed to take advantage of your hard-earned dollars.

For example, many ask you to pay an up-front deposit before you get access to their services. And if you have a poor credit history, many think you should pay a large up-front deposit.

But if your credit’s banged up, you probably need help more than anything else. You don’t need more fees and expenses.

So at Electric For Less, we don’t have you pay a large, up-front deposit just for the ability to get electricity.

How Does It Work at Electric For Less?

If you choose to post-pay, we do ask that you have good credit so you don’t have to pay a large up-front deposit. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

But, you can also avoid this deposit when you pre-pay too. With prepayment, you do pay some money up front, but that money directly applies to your electric bills. It is not a separate “deposit” we hold onto like other electric companies might do. So, you’re not paying any extra money out of pocket when you sign up for our electric services, no matter how you decide to pay.

Does that sound fair too?

But That’s Not All – You’ll Likely Use 27% Less Electricity than the Average Texan!

Our typical customer uses 27% less kWh than an average Texan because we send you daily text and e-mail notifications of your electricity use. In any area of life, it’s always shown that you progress to your goals faster when you track how you’re doing on them. Your savings may even be greater, and that’s up to you.

Plus, with all this, you get friendly customer service from reps happy to help you when things get tough financially. Just contact us, let us know what’s going on, and we’re happy to work out a plan that helps you keep your electricity on while you get back on your feet.

And you get connected the same day for free if your home already has a smart meter. Just contact us online or call 888-663-9363 today.

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