Simply the Best Deal For Electricity, Bar None

Simply the Best Deal For Electricity, Bar None

The free market brings with it competition, which drives down prices and increases quality of service. But, it can be challenging to sort through all things everyone says, make accurate comparisons, and find the best choice for your needs.

Because, sometimes the advertising many companies use misleads. They tell you how much you’ll save…only to hit you with all kinds of surprise and hidden fees once you become a customer. So, are you a valued customer to them, or do you simply represent another opportunity for profit?

And, if something goes wrong when you are their customer, how responsive will they be to your need? Will they fix it and make it better? Or will they simply ignore you and send you another bill?

You want the kind of company that cares about you first, and views the payments you make as a natural by-product of excellent service. And that’s precisely what you get with Electric For Less.

What’s Different about Electric For Less?

Electric For Less is the only retail electric provider who saves you 27% on your electricity bills and doesn’t require a contract. That means you can leave at any time and for any reason. Not happy with the service? Not getting the savings you want? Doesn’t matter. We won’t ask you any questions. But we think after you experience Electric For Less, you won’t want to leave.

Our typical customer saves 27% over the average Texan because of the daily (or weekly or monthly) text and email notifications they get. These notifications show you how much electricity you use, and the amount of funds remaining in your account. With regular monitoring, you can identify how you use electricity and ways you can use it more efficiently. And that’s at least part of the reason you’ll save more than the typical Texan.

Plus, sometimes you’re going to run into financial emergencies. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, they happen because you can’t predict what’s going to happen next. But relax – our friendly reps are here to help you make it through the tough times. Just give us a call, let us know what’s happening, and let’s talk about a flexible payment arrangement that works for you.

Sound good? Know of a better deal you can get from your electricity supplier? No?

Just call Electric For Less at 888.663.9363 or contact us online.

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