Are You Saving Money Using This Little-Known Method?


On this blog, it seems like we’ve covered every last way you can save energy and money. But no matter how thorough we are, you can always find more little ways to make both happen.

And here’s another one: an energy-efficient TV set-top box.

Last year alone, consumers saved $646 million and prevented the release of 3.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. And it all came from using energy-efficient TV set-top boxes.

Over the last 3 years, consumers have saved a total of $1.2 billion and avoided 6.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. The average TV set-top box reduced its energy 15.94%, while also increasing its functionality over the same time. Today’s DVR uses 36% less energy than the average one in 2012.

American innovation at its finest!

Do You Have a Modern TV Set-Top Box?

It’s so easy to ignore all the little things. But as you can see, once viewed at scale, the littlest of changes makes a huge impact. You could even further enhance your own energy savings by not having a TV set-top box or DVR altogether. You could simply rely on streaming services.

However, if you don’t have a new DVR, and you simply must have cable or satellite TV, make sure you have the most recent unit available. As you can see, technology changes fast, and cable and satellite companies are working together to improve the energy savings while also increasing functionality.

What Other Small Energy Savings Changes Do You Ignore?

Of course, energy savings don’t end with what kind of set-top box or DVR you have. There’s all sorts of small ways to save energy. Turning off the lights you don’t need. Installing LEDs for your exterior lights. Taking shorter showers.

You hear these tips all the time from different sources. Consider the overall impact you could make if a concerted effort was made by millions of Americans to do the same. You can’t control what others do. But, you can control what actions you take.

Give yourself a “mini-audit,” and see what you can start doing better today.

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