Prepay Electricity in Texas – Get Cheap Rates Today!

Prepay for Electricity in Texas and Get Cheap Rates – Starting Today!

Why is it that so many power companies want you to sign a long-term contract? Are they afraid that once you experience their service, you’ll want to change?

If they thought they offered exceptional service and competitive rates, it would make sense they don’t have you sign a contract. Because if you got great service and paid low electric rates, you wouldn’t want to leave.

Electric For Less Doesn’t Force You to Sign a Contract And Always Charges Low Rates

Plus, our typical customer uses 27% less electricity than the average Texas homeowner. That’s because you receive daily notifications of your electric usage by text or e-mail (your choice). Studies have proven again and again that whenever you actively track something, regardless of what it is, you’re highly likely to make progress on it.

We don’t require you to sign a contract because we’re confident you’ll love our service and low electric rates once you experience them. Besides no contract, when you use our prepaid option, you also:

  • Don’t have to pay a large deposit
  • Don’t have a credit or ID check
  • Pay monthly, weekly, or daily, as you’d like
  • Never pay any cancellation penalty (cancel anytime, and for any reason)
  • Get connected for free the same day, if your home has a smart meter
  • Pay only for the electricity you actually use

The last point – paying only for the electricity you actually use – sounds a bit strange at first.

But here’s the truth about many power companies in Texas:

They charge you for “estimated” usage. Have you ever seen the word “estimated” on your electric bill?

You should be suspicious if you have. Because what it means is that your electric company may be charging you for electricity you don’t actually use. Some companies, for example, look at the electricity you used at the same time in previous years. Rather than reading your meter, they charge you based on what you’ve used at previous times in past years. So, you often end up paying for electricity you didn’t really use.

At Electric For Less, whether you prepay for your electricity or post-pay, you always pay only for exactly the electricity you use.

Get Cheap Electric Rates Starting Today!

If your home has a smart meter, we can get you connected for free today. That means you can get access to cheap electric rates today, all at no risk to you because you don’t sign a long-term contract, and there’s no early cancellation fees if you decide to cancel your service.

Sound good?

Great! Call 888.663.9363 or contact us online today.

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