Prepay for Your Electricity And Get Cheap Rates

Deregulation of the monopoly electricity provider in Texas has led to cheaper electricity rates for Texas consumers like you.

But there’s still another problem out there: many retail electric providers bait you in with cheap rates, but make it difficult to actually get them. For example, they might require a large deposit you can’t pay. Or they might require a really good credit score. Or they might make you sign a contract. Or they might have confusing terms and conditions and hidden fees designed to take more money out of your pocket.

Electric For Less Gets You the Cheap Rates You Deserve When You Prepay for Your Electricity

Bad credit? No credit? No problem. We’re happy to give you the access to cheap electricity rates you want when you prepay.

We call the answer “SmarTricity with Flex Pay.”

Say goodbye to confusing terms and conditions. In fact, you don’t even have to sign a contract at all. And there’s no early cancellation fees or penalties if you decide we’re not the right company for you.

With “SmarTricity with Flex Pay,” you can prepay as you go. Monthly, weekly, or even daily if you need to. You simply put money into your account when needed, just like a prepaid cell phone or reloadable calling card.

By using your home’s smart-meter, you know precisely how much electricity you use at any given moment. You can get daily text and e-mail notifications (your choice). You’ll know how much money is in your account, the number of days of service left before you need to add funds, and your daily consumption rate.

Because our customers just like you know this information, they use an average of 27% less kWh of energy than the average Texan!

No Deposit, And Free Same-Day Connection if Your Home Already Has a Smart Meter!

There’s no credit check, and no ID needed when you choose our prepaid option.

So, you get access to cheap electricity rates, and have absolutely zero risk because you don’t sign a contract and can cancel anytime for any reason – without paying any cancellation fees!

Sound good?

Great! Call Electric For Less’ bilingual reps at 888-663-9363 or contact us online today!

We’re excited to talk with you.

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