Prepaid Electric – Save 27% Versus the Average Texan!

At the end of the day, what’s the main reason you choose one electric provider over another?

Cheap electricity, right?

What’s the second reason? The quality of their customer service, isn’t it? More on that in a second…

For now, know that Electric For Less customers use 27% less electricity than the average Texas home. Part of the reason for this is that you get daily text or e-mail notifications (your choice) about your electric use. Studies repeatedly show that whenever you routinely track something, you’re more likely to do it better.

And on top of using less, you always get our cheap electricity rates. So those are some pretty nice savings you get right there.

But that’s not all! We aim to give you flexible service so you never feel the need to change electric providers again (although we even make that easy too).

For starters, you don’t sign a long-term contract. That practically guarantees you get great service. Because you can leave anytime, and for any reason – even a ridiculous one. Say you wait 1 second, just 1 second longer than you think you should when you call our service reps. You can leave for that reason if you want (although you’re making a big mistake!).

And you don’t have to pay any cancellation fees either. So there’s nothing holding you back from leaving (although we don’t think you’ll want to).

Prepaid Electric Means Your Credit Score Never Gets Checked

It’s a logical arrangement and fair trade-off. You pay for your electricity ahead of time, and however you want (monthly, weekly, or even daily), and we don’t check your credit score.

Bad credit, bankruptcy, or no credit at all. We don’t care – you’re welcome to be a customer and get access to cheap electric rates anytime.

And there’s no large deposit to pay to use our service either. We also don’t check your ID.

Whenever you run into financial difficulties, which happen to everyone at some point in time, give us a call. We’re happy to work out flexible payment arrangements with you to help you make it through tough times.

Use Our Prepaid Electric Option – Connect for Free Today!

As long as your home is equipped with a smart meter, we can get you connected for free today. That’s right – absolutely no charge to start saving 27% on your electric bills today!

To get that, and service focused on helping you, call 888.663.9363 or contact our bilingual reps online today!

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