Pre Pay for Your Electricity and Get Low Rates Today

Everyone in Texas should have access to low electric rates. Good rates shouldn’t just be for people with a good credit history, or someone who can make a big deposit.

After all, if you’re in financial trouble, you need some help getting out. You don’t need more fees and interest, or termination of service, which is what most companies do.

At Electric For Less, we want to help you recharge your finances and life. So you get access to cheap electric rates, no matter what your finances currently look like.

You might think the picture’s not pretty. And that might be the case. But we don’t care. When you prepay, and you can do that as you go, we don’t even look at your credit score or check your ID. You simply get the access you need.

Fair deal, isn’t it?

And we even make it easier on you. Because you can pay monthly, weekly, or even daily if you need to.

The choice is yours. Because your home’s outfitted with a Smart Meter, we can send you daily text or e-mail notifications (your choice) to let you know the total amount of funds in your account. You’ll also learn how you’re using electricity, so you can get some ideas on what you can do to use less and save more. In fact, our typical customer uses 27% less kWh than the average Texan!

We Listen and Work with You When You’re Struggling Financially

Almost everyone goes through financial struggles at some point in their lives. And most Americans are responsible, hard-working people.

But sometimes, no matter what you try, you’re still going to encounter financial difficulty. Everything goes wrong at once. Your spouse loses their job. You got confused on how your insurance works and end up with an unexpectedly big bill. Both cars need fixing. The washer and drier need repairs. You lose some hours at work because things have slowed down at your business.

You can’t help it when all those things go wrong. And we’re here to help you when they do. Just give our friendly bilingual customer service reps a call at 1-888-663-9363 or contact us online and let us know what’s going on. We’ll do everything we can to help you make it through this difficult time.

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