Pre Paid Electric That Gets You the Cheapest Rates and Most Helpful Service in Texas

You just looked at your credit score. Uh-oh, it’s not good. You’ve been overwhelmed with bills lately and working extra hours to pay them off.

Or…you just moved to the United States from another country. You don’t have any credit record to speak of.

Should either of those situations prevent you from getting electric service?

They shouldn’t, but they do – until now.

Electric For Less’ Pre Paid Electric Service Means That You Never Need a Credit Check

We’re willing to work with any credit score or no credit score at all, when you sign up for our pre-paid electric service. Remember, it’s a win-win for both sides. You get access to the cheapest electric rates and best service in Texas. And we get paid upfront, which reduces the necessity for collections of bills due.

But there is so Much More with Electric For Less…

You shouldn’t want to do business with us just because you don’t get your credit checked. That should be enough to get you in the door. But what really counts is your long-term relationship with us.

For starters, we bill you only for the electricity you actually use each month. At the end of the month, your bill is double checked and trued-up if any discrepancies are found. Many companies, for example, bill you for “estimated usage,” which is their code for overbilling you for electricity you don’t actually use. You never overpay with Electric For Less.

And you’ll never feel “trapped,” like you would with your cable company. That’s because you never sign a contract with us and therefore will never pay an early cancellation fee.

You’re literally free to cancel your service anytime you’re not happy, and for any reason. You could even cancel the minute after you signed up for your service (although we know that you won’t want to).

Get Connected For Free Today When Your Home is Equipped with Smart-Meter

Don’t worry – a “smart meter” is a simple device that uses a radio signal to transmit your electric usage to us. All homes in Texas are now either equipped with or about to be equipped with a smart meter. We use the daily information from your meter, so we can keep your costs low by not paying personnel to come out and check your meter. Then, you get billing information by e-mail or text daily, so that you always know how much electricity you’ve used, when you need to recharge your account (if you’re prepaid), and how you can use electricity more efficiently to reduce your costs.

Sound good?

Low electric rates and freedom from dishonest electric companies is just a phone call (888-663-9363) or click away. Remember, there’s absolutely no pressure to purchase.

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