Paying Too Much? Get Dallas Pre-Paid Electric from Electric For Less!

At Electric for Less, we use something called “Smartricity with Flex Pay.”

But what’s the mean to you?

Because Texas is de-regulated, you can choose both your electric company and type of service.

So if you experience problems like:

  • Paying way too much for your electricity
  • An electric provider that does nothing to help you when you want to pay your bill
  • Poor credit blocking your access to getting service

…Our “Smartricity with Flex Pay” program is a perfect fit for you!

How Does “Smartricity with Flex Pay” Work?

With this plan, you always pay the same low-kWh and monthly rates everyone else does. And you also can pay on a flexible schedule that works for your current income. You can pay as frequently as you may need to.

And you can change your payment arrangements anytime you want. Because, that’s how your life works. It doesn’t happen on a nice little schedule at your convenience. It happens when it happens – and you have to adjust. And fortunately, we’re here to help you out with that when things go wrong.

You’ll also be able to monitor your electricity usage daily. You get daily text/e-mail notifications (your choice) of your usage if you want.

It works just like a prepaid cell phone. When you notice your funds in your account running low, just add more. Or, if you aren’t able to make your payments, give our friendly customer service team a call. You can pay as often as you like – daily if needed. And you can get payment extensions if necessary.

Pay Only For What You Actually Use – Don’t Overpay for “Estimated Usage”

Your meter shall be read daily, which means your electricity is billed daily. This is not an estimate, so you get billed for exactly what you use. Unfortunately, that’s not the way every energy company works. Some actually bill you for “estimated usage,” which may or may not be close to the amount you actually use. This can cause you to end up paying for some electricity you don’t use.

At Electric For Less, you only pay for your actual usage because we work with principal utilities throughout the entire state. And we serve more than 400 cities in Texas.

Contact us online or call 866.963.9353 to get all your questions answered today!



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