Paying Too Much? Prepaid Electricity for All Texans

Why is it that when something goes wrong in your life, there seems to be a line of companies in front of you trying to profit off that?

For example, if you lose your job, and you can’t pay your bills, the cable company seemingly can’t wait to nail you with late fees. Your credit cards rack up huge interest.

You fall behind on paying back your auto and student loans. You pay more interest, and sometimes they add interest to your loan, so you pay interest on your interest!

When your life’s a mess, you need someone who can help you up. Someone who gives you a break, someone who works with you to get back on your feet again.

After all, you’re a hard-working Texan. You’d love to pay all your bills off tomorrow if you could. But circumstances in your life haven’t allowed for that.

Electric For Less is Here to Help You with Prepaid Electricity

Have you talked to other electric companies already? They want a large deposit, long-term contract, charge you high rates, or they want a perfect credit score (if only you could have one!).

You won’t have to deal with that at Electric For Less. When you prepay for your electricity, we:

  • Don’t need to check your credit score
  • Don’t need to verify your ID either
  • Never force you into a long-term contract
  • Give you flexible payment options so you can pay in a way that works for you
  • Help you monitor your electric usage so you can find new ways to save
  • Always give you access to some of the cheapest electric rates in Texas

And you only pay for the electricity you actually use. You see, some slick companies sneak one by you and charge you for electricity you don’t actually use.

Ever see the term “estimated usage” on your electric bill? Some companies, rather than reading your meter to see what electricity you use, simply estimate based on what you’ve used during the same time of year in the past.

So, they bill you for electricity you don’t actually use! Don’t let that happen to you. At Electric For Less, we always bill you 2 days in arrears for the electricity you really use.

Connect For Free Today, and Get the Savings You Deserve with our Prepaid Electricity Program

What are you waiting for? We’ll connect you for free today (as long as your home has a smart meter), so you can start saving right away.

Simply call 888-663-9363 or contact us online.

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