Pay 27% Less than the Average Texan for Residential Electric

Pay 27% Less than the Average Texan for Your Residential Electric

How do we make it happen? How can you pay 27% less than most Texans do for the exact same electricity they use?

Do we have some sort of “miracle” system or amazing innovation that other residential electric companies don’t?

Well, maybe they don’t have it. But saving 27% on your electricity bills isn’t hard. It’s so easy anyone can do it.

It works like this: when you sign up for our electric service, you have the option to get daily texts or e-mails (your choice) that tell you how much electricity you use each day. You’ll also learn how much money you have in your account (if you use our prepaid option), and the number of days of service left before you need to add more money to your account.

Simply being aware of your electricity usage on a daily basis means you’re more likely to find ways to use it wisely. It’s a proven fact that works for anything you track. Many people track their personal health, and they’re more likely to meet their goals simply because they track them. It works the same way with your electricity usage.

And our average customer uses 27% less electricity than the typical Texan!

Sign Up Today for Painless Electricity Service from Electric For Less

You know all the problems you get with other companies. They want a large deposit, long-term contract, or great credit score.

But did you know they also sometimes charge you for electricity you don’t even use? If you’ve ever seen the word “estimated” on your electric bill, they may have gotten you with this trick already.

It works like this: rather than reading your smart meter, some companies charge you based on what you used at the same time last year. That could be less, but often times is more than what you really use.

At Electric For Less, we only bill you 2 days in arrears for the electricity you actually use. And there’s:

  • No credit check (with the prepay option)
  • No large deposit (with the postpay option)
  • No long-term contract to sign
  • No early cancellation penalties

So what’re you waiting for?

There’s absolutely no risk to you – and our service reps are happy to work out flexible payment options when emergencies happen in your life.

Plus, you can get connected today for free, if your home already has a smart meter.

Simply call 888.663.9363 or contact us online today!

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