One of Texas’ Most Affordable No-Deposit Energy Companies

Did you know many electricity companies in Texas charge you for energy you don’t actually use? How do they get away with it? After all, wouldn’t it be strange to pay for cable television channels you don’t have access to?

Here’s a dirty little trick that happens often in the industry: they charge you for “estimated” usage. So instead of taking an accurate reading from your meter, they estimate your usage based on what you used historically during the same time of year. You can take a guess…do you think they estimate low, which loses them money, or high, which makes them more money?

Remember too, the electricity industry is tough to increase profits in. So many companies have to get fairly imaginative when it comes to increasing their profits.

At Electric For Less, You Pay Among the Lowest Rates in Texas for Energy You Actually Use…Not What You’re Estimated to Use

We understand why other utilities make the decisions they do. But it doesn’t make their decisions right. We’d lose sleep at night by doing something like that.

So at Electric For Less, you only pay for the electricity you actually use. This happens through your smart meter. It transmits your electric and gas usage straight to us using radio waves. You can receive daily text and e-mail notifications about your use.

That not only makes sure you have accurate billing. But it also means you learn how you use energy over time, so you can find additional ways to save.

Our typical customer uses 27% less electricity than the average Texan as a result. Combine that with already low kWh rates, and you have a recipe for saving some serious money.

Why Else Should You Choose Electric For Less?

It’s our goal to make sure you get a great deal that makes you feel comfortable. That’s why, with Electric For Less, you:

  • Don’t pay a large deposit
  • Have no credit check (any credit, or none at all, is fine)
  • Don’t have to show ID
  • Have flexible payment arrangements available
  • Never sign a long-term contract
  • Can cancel anytime, and for any reason

Connect for Free and Start Saving Today!

So what’re you waiting for? You’re not going to find a better deal anywhere else. And you can get connected today if your home has a smart meter.

Just call 888-663-9363 or contact us online today.

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