One of Texas’ Most Affordable Light Companies

How much does it cost you to turn the lights on? Do you know the kWh rates you pay? How do they compare to other companies in Texas?

The good thing about Texas is that we’ve had deregulation. That means the monopoly electric provider is no longer a monopoly. And instead, today you have dozens of competitors offering electricity at varying rates.

It’s hard, and in fact nearly impossible, to be paying the absolute lowest rate in Texas at any one given time. Competition’s so intense that someone else is definitely going to offer lower rates eventually. And, of course some competitors try to trick you. They give you a low rate now, and then jack it up later on after you’ve signed a service contract.

How Does Electric For Less Give You Low Rates and Keep Them Low?

Our average customer saves about 27% versus the typical Texan. To start, we work with dozens of principal utilities throughout the entire state to make sure citizens of more than 400 cities get access to low-kWh rates.

However, a large part of the reason you save so much is likely due to the fact you receive daily text and e-mail notifications on your electric usage. With that information, many customers learn exactly how they use electricity. Then, they change their behavior and start saving even more than the already-low-kWh rates they’re offered originally.

No Long-Term Contract “Traps” and No-Hassle Customer Service Protect You!

With Electric For Less, you don’t sign a contract. Ever. For any reason. Period. So, that means you’re free to cancel your service at any time and for any reason. Plus, you don’t pay any cancellation fees. So, you have absolutely no risk in trying our low-kWh electric service.

If you think about it, that forces us to provide you with the best customer service possible. Because, if you’re not happy for any reason, you can go somewhere else. The savings attract you to us, and the continued savings and great service keep you with us.

If you are having financial difficulty paying your bill, pick up your phone and call us right away. Our customer service reps are here to help when you find yourself in a bind.

To get access to affordable electricity and great service (free same-day connection if your home already has a smart-meter!), call Electric For Less at 888-663-9363 today.

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