One of the Only Electric Companies with No Deposit Required in Dallas

Tired of all the utility companies telling you,”No?” Or, they’ll let you be a customer if you pay them a massive deposit that’s practically unaffordable?

That’s not fair! Deregulation of Texas electricity from the monopoly provider to private companies was supposed to work in your favor. That’s why they forced deregulation more than a decade ago.

But now, you seem to be getting a worse deal than you did before. What sense does that make?

After all, you’re responsible with paying your bills. You go to work on time, every time. But you’ve come up short a month here and there because you lost some hours and had other unexpected expenses.

It happens to almost everyone at one time or another. And that deposit just makes your financial life even more difficult.

You need help, not more bills to pay!

Electric for Less Makes Cheap Electricity Easy for You to Get!

At Electric For Less, we make it easy, and fair, for everyone to get electricity. We don’t care about your credit score. Any credit score. No credit score at all. Both are fine – we’re happy to serve you with low-kWh electric rates.

All we ask is that you prepay for your electricity. Fair is fair, right? But the prepaying is easy too. You can prepay however you want – monthly, weekly, or even daily. You simply recharge a paid account just like you would a prepaid cell phone. And since you can prepay even daily, you don’t have to worry about prepaying for service you’ll never receive.

On top of that, we only charge you for the electricity you actually use. You see, it’s a common practice for electric companies to charge for “estimated usage.” If you see that term on your bill, it likely means you’re paying for electricity you didn’t use.

How do electric companies get away with that? Easy, they simply bill you based on your historical usage during a similar time period from years past. Then they charge you that amount. At Electric For Less, we bill you two days in arrears only for the electricity you actually use – and that’s it.

Connect for Free Today!

There’s no contract and no cancellation fees, so you can cancel anytime and for any reason.

If your home has a smart meter, you can get connected today for free. Just call 888.663.9363 or Shop Rates Now.

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