One of Only a Few Texas Electric Companies with No Deposit Required

Have you tried to sign up with other electric companies in Texas, only to find out they want a big deposit you can’t afford?

If they want your business so badly, why do they add extra barriers like this to their process?

You shouldn’t have to pay any deposit for cheap electricity rates at all. If you had enough money to pay all your bills, you would have. You’d love to have a perfect credit score.

But that’s not the way your life worked out. Sometimes, everything goes out of your control at once. You lose your job because your boss doesn’t like you. Both of your cars break down. Your spouse loses some hours at work.

Life happens. And you shouldn’t be punished when you’ve done everything you can, but things still haven’t worked out.

Electric For Less Makes It Easy for You to Access Low-kWh Rates

Not paying a deposit is simply the beginning at Electric For Less. We eliminate all the common barriers to getting affordable electricity rates.

In addition, you don’t need to have a credit check when you agree to prepay. So that means we take any credit score you have, no matter how beat up, and even no credit score at all.

Plus, you don’t sign a contract. So that means you’re free to cancel your service anytime and for any reasons, which takes all the risk away from you. And, you don’t pay any cancellation fees, either. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Finally, you’ll likely save around 27% on all your electric bills. Because that’s what our average customer saves versus the typical Texan. This happens because you get free daily text or e-mail notifications (or both, your choice) of your electric usage. Since you’re reminded of it more, you’re more likely to make smart energy-saving decisions.

That means you’re also doing your part to help the environment. You don’t have to feel guilty when those conversations happen on TV or with your friends.

Connect For Free and Start Saving Today

If your home already has a smart meter, we can get you connected for free. That’s right – no charge at all. And yes, that can happen today.

So if you’re tired of all the tricks, gimmicks, and traps your current utility uses on you, switch on over to Electric For Less today.

There’s absolutely no risk, and we’re happy to work with you if you find yourself in an emergency.

Just call 888.663.9363 or Shop Rates today!

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