Now You Can Get Cheap Residential Electric in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Too

Back under the old monopoly electric provider, you had to pay their rate. There were no other choices.

Defeats the idea of a free-market economy, doesn’t it? Plus, it’s unfair to honest citizens like you.

It’s kind of like the cable companies today. There’s no monopoly. But they’re all so large that they know they can set rates high and give you bad service because that’s what everyone else does. Fortunately, on-demand providers are slowly eating away at their market share, and creating a fairer market for you.

Texas deregulated electricity in 2002. And today, more than a decade later, there’s numerous competitors for your business. So now, you see all kinds of favorable deals on electricity.

So which provider do you choose?

You Want the Lowest Residential Electric Rates in Dallas

For starters, you want to pay low electric rates. Fluctuating time-of-use rates get confusing, and often are used to squeeze more money out of you.

But you don’t only want to pay the lowest rates. You want good service too. A service you don’t have to worry about. One where you don’t feel like you have to supervise the company to make sure they’re doing things like they’re supposed to.

Electric For Less Gives You Great Electric Rates and Even Better Service

At Electric For Less, you don’t have to put up with many of the common hassles you experience at other utilities. And you can pay in the way that works best for you and your budget.

Bad credit? No credit? Just moved to the country? No problem. We have prepaid plans to help you out.

Tight budget? No worries. You can pre-pay as much or as little as you want and as frequently as you need to: monthly, weekly, or even daily.

And if things are going fine for you financially, traditional post-pay is available too.

What if you run into an emergency? No worries. Just give us a call and let’s work out a flexible payment plan until the emergency gets better.

No Risk, Cancel Anytime, Connect For Free Today!

You never sign a long term contract, so you can leave any time and for any reason. There’s never any fees for canceling service.

Finally, you can get connected for free, and today, via the smart meter installed on your home.

Ready to go?

Great. Call 888-663-9363 or SIGN UP ONLINE today.

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