No-Deposit Electricity Company – Save $$$ Today!

What do the very best companies do? You know, the ones consumers really like? They take on all the risk themselves, and don’t take advantage of their customers in any way. They give their customers the best overall experience possible.

So why do so many electric companies charge all sorts of fees and make you jump through hoops to get their service? When they make it harder like that, you’d think they don’t want more customers.

At Electric For Less, it’s our goal to give you the smoothest, easiest, and friendliest experience possible. For starters, we make it simple for you to get service – and among the lowest electric rates in Texas. We do it just like this:

  • Absolutely no credit check needed. You can have bad credit, or even no credit at all.
  • No ID necessary either.
  • Connect the same day for free if your home already has a smart meter.

After you’ve signed up, you get:

  • Daily notifications of your electric use and funds left in your account so you never pay late, always have electricity, and find new ways to save on your electricity.
  • 27% savings. That’s what our average customer saves versus the typical Texan.
  • Always low rates per kWh.
  • Flexible payment options to make payments however you’d like (monthly, weekly, or even daily if needed).
  • Friendly, accommodating service. We’re happy to work out flexible payment options if you’re struggling financially.
  • Pay only for the electricity you actually use. Many utilities bill you on “estimated” usage, which means you end up paying for electricity you don’t really use.

And what if it turns out you don’t like our service? It rarely happens. But we do want you to feel like you have a choice. We don’t want you to feel trapped in a relationship you don’t want because that causes a lose-lose relationship for you and us:

  • You don’t sign a contract of any kind.
  • Cancel anytime and for any reason.
  • Never pay any cancellation fees.

Connect for Free Today – And Start Saving Money on Your Electric Bills

So what’re you waiting for? Other companies want to trap you in long-term contracts, bill you for electricity you don’t actually use, and slap you with hidden and late fees.

You don’t experience any of that with Electric For Less.

So contact us online, or call 888-663-9363 today to sign up!

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