No-Deposit Electric from Electric For Less

Tired of other companies forcing you to put your hard earned money towards a deposit? What do you think they really even use that money for anyway?

Well, you don’t have to do that at Electric For Less!

We work with principal utilities, like CenterPoint Energy, AEP Central, AEP North, and Oncor to give you cheap, no-deposit electricity.

Do you have bad credit or no credit? No sweat because we will hook you up with Payless Power’s fantastic prepaid electric service for as little as $30 out of pocket today!

No-Deposit Is Just the Beginning – You Get All These Benefits with Electric For Less Too

Not only can you avoid that annoying deposit with us, you also:

  • Have access to among the lowest electricity rates in Texas
  • Pay whenever you want (daily, weekly, or monthly, and at any time of the month)
  • Have payment extensions available if you run into an emergency

How’s It Work?

It’s not hard at all. If you’ve ever owned a prepaid cell phone (or in the old days a prepaid phone card), paying for electricity works the same way at Electric For Less. You don’t have a card, and instead you pay into an account.

You receive daily notifications of how much money’s left in your account, how much electricity you use, and when your current funds will run out. You can get either texts or e-mails.

Not only do you know what you need to pay and when, but you’ll learn how you use electricity. And you’ll identify additional ways you can use it more efficiently and reduce your costs even further.
That’s really all there is to it! Things are easy when you choose a no-deposit electric company that’s on your side.

Sign Up For Cheap Electricity Today!

To get low rates, flexible service, and pay no-deposit, sign up with Electric For Less today. Just make a phone call (888.663.9363) or send an e-mail today.

And there’s no risk involved because you don’t sign a contract and can cancel your service anytime and for any reason (doesn’t this sound great?).

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