No-Deposit Electric Company – Save 27% Starting Today!

Why do so many electric companies make it hard for you to use their service? They should work for you, not against you.

Electric for Less is the company that works for you. Regardless of your credit score, you can sign on to our service without paying a deposit. Post-pay customers can access this with good credit scores. Pre-pay customers do have to make an initial payment that applies toward their electricity use. In both cases, you don’t pay a separate deposit just for the ability to have electricity.

And all our customers save an average of 27% on their electricity bills. How do they do this?

Simple, you always get daily text and/or e-mail notifications of your electricity usage. And whenever you track your progress on anything, you’re more likely to get the positive outcome you want out of it.

How much you save is really in your hands. With enough effort, you could possibly save more than our customer average of 27%.

Getting Cheap Electricity Rates Has Never Been This Easy

We’re happy to have you as a customer, regardless of your credit score. We’ll even take you on if you have no credit score at all. We just ask you use our prepaid option if you have poor or no credit.

We don’t check your ID. You don’t sign a long-term contract. And if you don’t like our service for whatever reason (although we think you will), you’re free to leave any time without having to pay any cancellation fees.

And of course, you always get access to some of the lowest electricity rates in Texas.

Get Connected for Free Today!

If your home already is equipped with a smart meter, you can get access to low-kWh rates today, and start saving some cash. All you have to do is take the simple next step and contact us online, or call 888-663-9363 today.

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