No-Deposit Electric Company in Dallas That’s Always On Your Side

Deregulation in Texas has been a big win for consumers like you. But it carries some risks too.

While private companies have the ability to structure their rates differently, not everything they do is consumer-friendly. In fact, some might try to take serious advantage of you and squeeze every last dollar they can from you.

But, along with some of those options, there’s some good options too.

With Electric For Less’ Prepaid Service, You Pay No Deposit

Make no mistake about it. A deposit can be expensive and may even stop you from getting the service you need.

But with our prepaid service, you don’t have to pay any deposit to get access to cheap electric rates. And you can prepay however you want – monthly, weekly, or even daily, needed.

Plus, if your home already has a smart meter, we can connect you the same day for free. Along with that, there’s no credit check or ID needed when you prepay. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

And if you want the traditional post-pay like you’re used to, there’s no deposit for that either, as long as you have approved credit.

Can’t Pay After You Sign Up? We’re Here to Help!

We get it – sometimes life goes outside of your control. You do everything you’re supposed to: work hard, spend smart, save as much as you can.

But even when you do everything right, you can still find yourself without a job. Company management decides to make a round of layoffs. You lose an inter-office political war, and your boss fires you to cover his own rear end.

Things like that happen. That’s the world you live in.

But don’t sweat when things like that do happen. In fact, you can rest easy because our bilingual customer service reps are here to help you out in the event of an emergency.

So as soon as you see financial trouble coming, give us a call. We’re happy to do everything we can to make sure you make it through this tough time in life – and keep access to among the cheapest electricity rates available in the state of Texas.

Call our friendly service reps at 888-663-9363, or contact us online to get access to no-deposit electricity starting today.

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