No Credit-Check Electricity for Everyone in Texas

Why do so many electric companies feel the need to pry into your credit history before giving you service?

It’s not fair to you. After all, your credit score can get completely ruined through no fault of your own.

You lose your job. You can’t pay your bills. Or you or a family member experiences a serious medical condition. All of a sudden, you’re swimming in medical debt.

Should you really be subject to additional fees and conditions because of that?
Never a Credit Check with Prepaid Electricity at Electric For Less

When you use our prepaid option, you don’t have to go through a credit check. So you can have good credit, bad credit, or even no credit at all. We don’t care.

No credit check works perfectly if you’re going through difficult financial times, if you just came to the country, or if you simply don’t like someone else prying into your private information.

No Stress and No Risk Electric Service – Cancel Anytime for Any Reason!

No credit-check electricity is really just the beginning of what you get with Electric For Less.

You don’t want to just avoid a credit check, right? What sense does that make?

Well, you get great service too. And if you feel like you get anything less than what you think is great, you can cancel with no questions asked.

That’s because you never sign a long term contract with Electric For Less. And you don’t pay any cancellation either. You can sign up today and if you don’t like our service, then you can cancel at any time.

We think you’ll want to stay with us once you experience the service. For starters, you pay among the lowest rates available in Texas. And you only pay for what you actually use (It’s a common practice among electric providers to overbill you for “estimated” usage).

What if you run into financial difficulty when you use our service?

Don’t worry about it.

Our friendly, bilingual customer service representatives are standing by, ready to work out a flexible payment arrangement that helps you until things get better.

Get Connected Today For Free

With smart meter technology, we can connect your service on the very same day in most cases. Better yet, the smart meter provides usage information daily. We use this information to keep you up to date on how much energy your home is using to allow you the ability to make adjustments and avoid spending more on electricity than you have to.

To get that, just call 888-663-9363 or SIGN UP ONLINE today.

And remember, there’s absolutely no pressure to purchase.


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