No Credit-Check Electricity for Dallas Residents of All Incomes

You read the headline right – Electric For Less never needs to check your credit. So if you have bad credit, no credit at all, or if you just moved to the country, you can get cheap electric rates – today!

Why are we so willing to do this?

Electric For Less has prepaid electric plans. You can prepay any way you want – daily, weekly, or monthly.

So it’s a simple win-win situation: if you have bad credit or no credit, you get electricity. And we get paid. That’s what business is all about: making things work for everyone.

But No Credit Check is Really Just the Beginning of Our Prepaid Electric Service…

No credit-check isn’t just some gimmick used to get you in the door. Many utility companies do that. They give you a special offer, make you sign a contract, and then you get awful service once you’re actually their customer.

That’s not how we operate at Electric For Less.

We want you to be a satisfied lifelong customer because you want to be. We don’t want you to feel “trapped” like so many customers at other utilities.

So, that’s why you get this when you sign up:

  • No long term contract to sign – leave anytime you want and for any reason
  • No early cancellation fees
  • Prepay whenever you want – even daily if you need to
  • Pay only for the electricity you actually use (many utilities overbill when estimates are used)
  • Emergency situation? No problem – we’re happy to work out a payment arrangement that works for you
  • Get connected for free today by harnessing the power of the smart meter installed on your home

And of Course…Get the Lowest Electric Rates Available in Dallas!

At Electric For Less, you always get among the lowest electric rates available in Texas. And even though you don’t sign a long term contract, you still get predictably low rates.
So what’re you waiting for? Our bi-lingual operators are standing by, ready to take your call at 888-663-9363 or SIGN UP ONLINE.

There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase from us. Give us a call and let us answer your questions. And if you’re ready, then sign up today!

Wow, who’d have thought no credit-check electricity makes life so easy for Dallas residents?


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