No Credit Check Electric Service from Electric For Less

No Credit Check Electric Service from Electric For Less

Have you shopped around at other electric companies, and not found the terms and conditions you want? Did you make sure to read the “fine print?” You never know if what people tell you is true anymore.

At Electric For Less, there’s absolutely zero hassle and no tricks. And if your credit’s getting beat up, or if you have no credit history at all, we’re still happy to have you as a customer. All you have to do is prepay for your electric usage each month.

But don’t worry – prepayment is easy. You can pay however you want – monthly, weekly, or even daily. Payment works just like a prepaid cell phone. You add funds to an account, and recharge them as needed. To help you keep your account current, your home gets equipped with a “smart meter.” It’s a simple device that monitors your electric usage and tells us, and you, how much you’ve used and when. (You also get electricity the same day for FREE when you connect a smart meter).

At any time of day, you’ll know exactly how much electricity you’ve used, the amount of funds remaining in your account, and the number of days before your funds run out.

You’ll get daily text or e-mail notifications as reminders too (but only if you want them).

Never Sign a Contract. Cancel Anytime. No Late Fees. No Cancellation Fees.

Yes. Those promises are all true! You’re free to cancel your service anytime, for any reason. And no questions are asked. Plus you don’t pay any late or cancellation fees for cancelling either.

Does all that sound like enough? Well, there’s more.

Your rates are also locked in for up to 24 months. So you get all the benefits of having a contract without actually having to sign one!

If other electric companies confuse you with their terms and conditions, sign up today with Electric For Less. We don’t play any games.

You get cheap rates, no contracts, and no credit-check electric service. It really is that easy.

Sign up today by calling 888-663-9363 or contacting us online.

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