Need Cheap Electricity with No Deposit?

The deregulation of electricity in Texas has led to private competition for your business, which means you get a better deal than ever before.

Now you can get cheap electricity – with no deposit!

Before, when utilities were run publicly, utilities had no incentive to improve your service or give you good rates. Now, if your current company doesn’t give you the service you want and need, you can leave in a heartbeat. So, they’re forced to do their very best for you.

Think about how this has worked out in the cable industry, where there is little competition. A few major players exist, they raise their prices as high as possible, and you don’t get good service with just about every one of them!

How Cheap Electricity with No Deposit Works at Electric For Less

At Electric For Less, it works similar to a prepaid cell phone. You simply put money into an account. As you use electric, funds are subtracted from your account based on actual daily reads from the meter installed at your home.

To help you monitor your usage, Electric For Less sends a daily text or e-mail message (your choice) that tells you how much money you have, the number of days of service before you have to add funds to your account, and the amount of electricity you use daily. You can pay online, pay by phone, or use a payment center to add funds to your account.

And we make your life easy when emergencies happen too. Flexible payment arrangements, and payment extensions, are available when you need help. So you:

  • Never experience service disruptions
  • Avoid reconnection fees

All of this without ever having to sign a contract with Electric for Less! This guarantees that you get satisfying service, because it’s in our best interest to deliver that to you. If we don’t, you can leave at any time.

Sign Up for Cheap Electricity with No Deposit Today at Electric for Less!

So what’re you waiting for?

With approved credit, you can get cheap electricity with no money down…

You can get free same-day connection when your home is equipped with a smart meter.

And it’s just a phone call (888.663.9363) or e-mail contact away!

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