Need Affordable Electricity and Low-kWh Rates?

Who doesn’t need lower electric bills? Today, you hear all this discussion about “saving the earth” and “reducing your carbon footprint” and how “good it is to be green.”

All good things. We can’t argue with that. But what immediate good does any of that do you? And while it is true we’re all polluting the earth to a certain extent, are any of those “doomsday scenarios” really even going to happen?

We can’t speculate on any of that. But, you can start saving electricity today. And you’ll help the earth at the same time too. That’s because the average Electric For Less customer saves 27% on their electric bill when they switch to us.

How Does Electric For Less Help You Save 27%?

For starters, you always get low-kWh rates. Feel free to look around and compare our prices to competitors.

While you get low rates, that’s not where you experience most of the savings. Instead, what you save comes mostly from the daily text and/or e-mail notifications you get. This helps you learn exactly how you use electricity and understand how you and your family can change your behavior so you can start saving more now.

And at Electric For Less, it’s not all about price. You get great service terms too. As you research retail electric providers, ask whether you sign a contract and how the terms work. Very often, a difficult-to-understand conversation comes up. And when you don’t understand what’s going on, that’s a red flag the other party is raising prices to squeeze more money out of you.

At Electric For Less, you don’t sign a contract. So, you’re never locked into a business relationship you don’t want to be in. That means you can leave whenever you want, and for any reason. And you don’t pay any cancellation fees when you do.

If you think about it, that forces us to provide good service to you. Because, if you get bad service, you’re going to leave. So, don’t even worry about your service. Just give us a call whenever anything’s wrong, and we’ll be happy to help or work out flexible payment arrangements with you.

To get access to affordable electricity and great service, call Electric For Less at 888-663-9363 today.


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