Is Home Automation Affordable?

Home automation drives down energy costs and increases security. It’s getting more and more affordable for the average homeowner. Learn more from Electric For Less.


You press a single button on your smartphone, and your entire house is set for your pre-programmed “Night Energy Savings Plan.” Or, you set a schedule, and all the electric devices in your home turn on or off automatically. So, instead of having to manage each one every day and night, you don’t even have to think about your electricity usage.

That’s one way home automation can be used. Until recently, it’s something that’s been reserved generally for people with lots of extra money to spend.

But now, some affordable alternatives are popping up, like Staples Connect. You can get various DIY kits that allow you to connect devices to a central system that regulate their usage automatically.

With home automation systems, you can also set them to turn lights on when motion is detected, when a door opens or closes, when someone enters or leaves a room, or if the doorbell rings. We don’t have the details on Staples Connect as to whether it does that or not, but those features are available.

Estimates generally show homeowners who install home automation systems save 15-30% on their electric bills. The primary benefit of Staples Connect is that none of the kits cost more than $300. Dropping $2000 – $3000 up front is a lot of money for most people. With Staples Connect, you can do home automation in bits and pieces as your finances allow.

Home Automation Can Be Used to Increase Security Too

Granted, this wastes some energy. But if you live in a rough neighborhood where break-ins are likely, you might have to do the inefficient thing to keep your home safe. You can use home automation to turn on TVs, radios, Blu-ray players, lights, and blinds to create the illusion that someone’s home.

Why is Home Automation Catching On?

For starters, it’s convenient. Consumers are willing to pay for convenience. If you can regulate your home energy use from your computer or smartphone with just a few commands, that’s pretty easy.

It’s also getting more affordable. As you saw, most people can afford the home automation kits Staples Connect offers. Because the market’s beginning to emerge, competitors are innovating, and that’s continuing to drive down prices.

And it saves money. Money doesn’t come in as the top factor. That’s because the savings aren’t experienced immediately. It takes a while to notice them and pay off the cost of the system.

Can you afford home automation? That’s up to you to analyze and decide. And if you can’t afford it now, you may be able to soon.

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