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On January 1, 2002 the State of Texas made a monumental decision when it deregulated electricity. Gone was the old monopoly provider that controlled prices.

And in came a flood of competitors.

Today, citizens like you have a choice over the electric rates you pay. It’s obvious you’d want to go with the cheapest company – no company has better electric than another.

But some electric providers have clearer billing practices than others.

For example, it’s common for utilities to charge you based on your “estimated usage” for the month.

Here’s how they estimate that: they take a look at what you’ve used historically around this time of year, and then send you a bill for that. All without even bothering to check your electric meter (which is easy to do anyway). And do you think these estimates are ever low, or even reasonable? The worst part is that the state only requires that they true up your account one time per year. There must be a better way!

At Electric For Less, You Get the Cheapest Paid Electricity, and You Only Pay For What You Use

At Electric For Less, we simply use the smart meter that the TDU has installed at your home. This meter submits usage information daily, by which Electric For Less uses to bill you for your service. Each day you shall receive a text message or email that states how much energy you used, the cost of the energy, and the balance remaining on your account.

You’ll always know how much electricity you use, when it’ll run out before you have to pay again, and how much money you have left in your account. You only pay for the actual electricity you use each month. We work with the leading electric providers in Texas to make sure you have access to the cheapest electric rates possible.

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Your income and credit history don’t matter to us. Bad credit, no credit, or if you just moved to Texas – it’s no problem.

We’re here to make sure you have fast, easy, and cheap access to the electricity you need.

There’s no credit check with prepaid plans and you never sign a long term contract.

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