Finally, No Credit Check Electric Service in Dallas!

No Credit Check Electric Service for Dallas Residents

Everyone today wants good credit. And if you don’t have it, they want to throw more terms and conditions into the mix.

But what if you have bad credit because of things outside of your control? Sometimes, everything that can go wrong at once does. You lose your job. Your cars break. Pets need to go to the vet. Family members have health problems. Appliances need repairs. You have a leaky roof.

That’s thousands of dollars in bills right there. And if you don’t have employment, you can’t pay them off. Or say you’re one of the underemployed, working in a job below your skills just to make it by. In both cases, you don’t have enough money to pay your bills.

So, you have to pick and choose which bills to pay. And then your credit takes a hit for not paying, even though you’re a responsible person trying to pay.

Our No Credit Check Electric Service in Dallas Solves the Problem

With our prepaid electricity plans, no credit check’s needed. And you don’t need any ID either. So whether your credit just got trashed because of circumstances outside your control, or you don’t have any credit, and even if you’re brand new to the country, you can get the electricity you need today.

With Electric For Less’s prepaid electricity, you can literally prepay however you want. You can prepay monthly, weekly, or even daily if you need to. And if an emergency happens, contact our friendly bilingual reps and we’ll be happy to work out a payment arrangement that works for you.

When you connect a smart meter to your home (it electronically sends your electric usage to us), you even get connected the same day – for FREE!

Plus, you don’t sign a contract. And you don’t pay any late or cancellation fees. So you’re free to leave anytime you want, and for any reason.

Sound good? Great!

Sign up for our Dallas no credit check electric service today by calling 888-663-9363 or contacting us online.

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