THE Electric Company with NO DEPOSIT in Dallas

Is your electric company for you, or for themselves?

They’ll never put it bluntly. But their actions will tell you whose side they’re really on.

Does your electric company:

  • Charge you late fees?
  • Bill you based on “estimated usage?”
  • Always give you the runaround when you call?
  • Threaten to shut off your electricity the minute you’re late on paying?
  • Require a credit and ID check just to get service?
  • Trap you in a long-term contract?
  • Strong-arm you with an irritating cancellation penalty?
  • Force you to pay a deposit to get service?

If you notice one or more of these happening at your electricity company, you’re likely trapped in a one-sided relationship.

Have you ever been in a personal relationship where only one person always gets what they want? So why would you put up with that from a business?

Electric For Less – The Texas Electric Company That’s on Your Side

Now just about any company can say they’re “on your side.” Big companies say it, even though they don’t mean it.

So why should you trust us when we say it? Well, actions speak louder than words.

And this is how things work when you choose Electric For Less:

  • You pay no deposit, none at all, when you choose our postpay option and have approved credit. With prepay, you do need to make a minimum prepayment, but that applies to your electric bill.
  • You can prepay however you want (monthly, weekly, or daily if needed)
  • You don’t sign any long-term contract
  • You do not pay any early cancellation penalties
  • No ID and no credit check necessary when you prepay
  • We’re friendly and flexible if paying on time gets tough for you
  • You only pay for the electricity you actually use (some companies intentionally bill you high on “estimated” usage)

If all that’s not enough, our typical customer uses 27% less electricity than the average Texan. It’s due in part to the fact that you get daily alerts about your electricity use (via e-mail or text – your choice), and are always aware of how much you use.

Get Connected for Free And Start Saving Today!

So as you can see – you have absolutely no risk with Electric For Less. So why not give us a try? You’ll be glad you did – and you’ll save some money too.

And we’ll get you connected for free today if your home already has a smart meter.

Just contact us online or call 888.663.9363 today!

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