Dallas No-Deposit Electricity Company That Puts You First!

Dallas No-Deposit Electricity Company 

Sick and tired of the way many utilities treat you? Do you hate it when they cut your electricity off, even though events outside of your control have forced you into your current financial position?

Worry no more. Electric For Less understands the challenges you face. No deposit means our prepaid plans can fit any budget. $30 is all that it takes to get your electric service installed today. You can always make flexible payment arrangements that work for you. Pay monthly, weekly, or daily if need be.

And when life happens, payment extensions are available. All you have to do is give us a call, and our friendly bilingual reps happily make an arrangement that works for you and us.

How Does Our No-Deposit Electricity Program Work?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You know how a pre-paid cell phone works. No-deposit electricity works the same way – except you don’t have a card.

Instead, you pre-pay money into an account. Electric For Less sends you a daily text or e-mail notification (your choice) that tells you how much money is left in your account, along with how many days you have left at your current usage rate. Keep the balance above $0 and the lights stay on. Making payments is very easy. You can pay online, over the phone, or at one of our convenient cash payment centers.

You also only pay for the electricity you actually use. In the private electricity industry, it’s common to bill on “estimated usage,” which means you often pay for electricity you may or may not have used. It’s not a huge amount of money – but it’s still something you shouldn’t have to pay.

With Electric For Less, you will pay for only the electricity you actually use. The smart meter on your home provides the actual usage daily. Your account will simply be billed based off of the exact usage reported by the smart meter.

And with Electric For Less:

  • You don’t have to sign a contract (cancel your service anytime)
  • You get free same-day connection
  • You pay as frequently as you want or need to – monthly, weekly, or daily
  • You pay among the lowest rates available in all of Texas

So what’re you waiting for?

Low-cost, flexible electric service is just a phone call (888.663.9363) or e-mail away. And it can be yours today!

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