Compare Rates and Get Cheap Electric That Meets Your Budget’s Needs!

Compare Rates and Get Cheap Electric in Texas

Texas’ energy deregulation makes it easy for consumers like you to get the best possible KWH rates on electricity.

But now, you have to compare rates with the hundreds of other power companies who offer a similar service.
That’s why we make it easy for you to do just that.

Shop Rates Now, so you may be able to compare our rate plans to our competitors.

Now remember, you have to be careful because some power companies have all kinds of hidden fees on your bill. But at Electric for Less, we don’t do any of that. All charges are disclosed upfront in the Terms of Service.

In fact, we make the process of getting cheap power as easy and painless as it can possibly be. You can pay however you want, whenever you want.

You also:

  • Get connected the same day or next day for FREE!
  • Get daily balance notifications via e-mail/text message
  • Don’t need an ID or credit check
  • Do not sign a multi-month contract or get penalized for cancelling service early

Electric for Less serves all 400 deregulated Texas cities, so you’ll never have a problem getting service anywhere. We do it by working with principal utilities throughout the entire state.

Best of all, the service you get is reliable, customer-friendly, lowers your bills, and even helps you increase your energy efficiency.

We have bilingual customer service reps ready and standing by to help you with all your electric needs.

Why do you put up with all the hassles you get from your current electric company?

With our service, you never have to worry about having your lights turned off ever again. You can pay as you go, so that you can manage your current financial situation.

What are you waiting for? Cheap electricity is just a brief phone call away at 1-888-663-9363.

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