Cheap Texas Electricity with No Deposit for Post-Pay Customers

With electricity, the whole idea behind deregulation was to make electricity cheaper and easier to get for consumers. That kind of happened.

But private utilities have come up with a number of new barriers that make them more money. And one of those is requiring you to pay a big deposit.

Why should you have to pay a big deposit just to get access to electricity?

Electric For Less Makes It Easy to Get Access to Cheap Electric Rates

When you agree to prepay, you don’t have to pay any deposit at all. With an approved credit score and post payment, you can pay $0 down too.

Fair is fair, isn’t it?

But that’s not where the goodness ends at Electric For Less. It’s only the beginning.

For starters, you get access to among the cheapest kWh rates in all of Texas. Doesn’t matter where you live – we serve more than 400 cities in the state.

And our customers use 27% less electricity than the average Texan. That’s because every customer gets daily text or e-mail notifications about their usage. So they know exactly how much they use and can get a good idea of what to do to increase their savings.

And save they do.

But even that isn’t where it all ends. At EFL, you never sign a contract. And you never pay any early cancellation fees. So you take on absolutely no risk when you sign up for our services. Cancel anytime and for any reason.

Plus, there’s absolutely 0 chance you’ll get rejected. That’s because we accept all credit scores, including no credit history at all. So if you’re new to the country, or if you’ve just been going through difficult financial times, we’re happy to take you on as a customer.

And if all that’s not enough, remember you always get great service. We’re flexible and happy to work with you when paying on time gets difficult. Just research our BBB listing and see our perfect A+ rating (search the parent company “Payless Power”) for proof.

Connect to Cheap Electricity for Free Today                                                                   

If your home is equipped with a smart meter, we can get you connected and taking advantage of those cheap electric rates starting today.

Just call 888.663.9363 or Shop Rates.

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