Ever Consider a “Net Zero” Home?

For energy savings fanatics, the “net zero” home is the ideal. The idea is that your home returns enough energy to at least cancel out what it uses. You need a very specific construction to make “net zero” a reality. However, you could certainly learn some lessons from “net zero” homes. 20 homes in California […]

6 Really Weird Energy Savings Ideas

With energy savings, you tend to hear the same old 25 ideas repeated again and again. While they’re right, it makes energy savings boring. So sometimes, it’s fun to look at some wild and wacky ways you can save energy. It breaks up the grind and renews your interest. Hey, we all got to live […]

A Solution to the Up-Front Cost of Energy Efficiency

You’ve been hearing for years how you’re supposed to do this, that, and the other thing to save energy. The energy efficiency crowd constantly preaches what you’re supposed to do. But, there’s one big problem for you and many other homeowners: the up-front cost. You can’t wait 5 years to see a return on the […]

How Much Energy do “Energy-Efficient” Appliances Really Save?

Did you hear about the Volkswagen scandal? It ends up they’re going to have to pay the US $15.3 billion for deliberately cheating on emissions tests. They used “defeat deices” on 500,000 cars to conceal the fact their vehicles expelled 40 times more pollution than advertised. It’s unfortunate things like this happen. But, happen they […]

How to Save Energy Without Making Your Life Miserable

Do you enjoy the smell of the toilet when you flush less? How about taking 3-minute navy showers? Or, what about sitting in the dark all night to save energy on your light bulbs? Many energy savings tips aren’t pleasant. Come on…who really wants to do those things? And besides, while they do save you […]

Fuel Cells May Hold the Key to Future Energy Savings

Have you heard of “fuel cells?” It’s kind of a generic term that refers to using a source of fuel, like hydrogen, to create electricity. Why should you care so much about fuel cells? Simple: They’re far more energy efficient than other forms of fuel, including oil and gas The amount of greenhouse gases generated, […]

5 Energy Savings Tips that Fly Below the Radar

With energy savings, you generally hear the same 25 tips regurgitated at dozens of different websites. Despite the fact that there’s tons of room for innovation, not a lot of it happens. Today, we have several tips for you that don’t get their fair share of popularity. They’re small, but every little edge you can […]

5 Energy Saving Tips for Beating the Summertime Heat

The brutal 100-degree days are well upon us. There’s no escaping the Texas heat…except in the comfort of your own home or in the gym, or at the mall or another business of your choice. But, that means you’ll have to slip out into the heat for at least a little bit! How can you […]

How You Can Save Energy with Insulated Siding

Here’s a new way to improve your energy savings. Does your home have insulated vinyl siding? Most don’t. It’s a fairly new thing. The problem is that while you have insulation between your wall studs, the studs themselves allow a significant amount of energy loss (called a “thermal bridge”). Whether wood or metal, wall studs […]

How to Find an HVAC Contractor That Saves You Energy and Money

Some parts of energy savings you don’t have any control of. So you need to get someone in who you can trust. With HVAC contractors, you’ve heard all the horror stories. But, find the right one and you’ve got a lifelong energy savings ally. Unfortunately, one common mistake many HVAC contractors make is they install […]

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