Warning: Be Weary of the Energy Star Ratings You See

What kind of feeling do you get when you see the Energy Star label on the appliance you’re about to purchase? Maybe you don’t feel anything at all. Or, maybe you do. Maybe you get warmer, a little more comfortable that the appliance you’re about to buy will be light on energy costs. Plus, you […]

How Much Should You Pay For LED Light Bulbs?

Right now, LED light bulbs are at a price where it makes sense to buy them in some cases, but not in others. For example, if they don’t start saving you money for another 16 years, what sense does it really make to buy them? After all, your kids could easily break them one or […]

How to Save Energy with the Right Roofing Material

Do you need to replace your roof? If so, you might consider what’s called “cool metal roofing.” It can save you up to 40% on your annual energy costs, depending on your geography. And since we live in warm, sunny, and hot Texas, you have a good chance of saving just that much. How Do […]

Does Your Utility Have an Energy Savings Program or Credits Available?

Have you ever called your utility company to ask them about any savings programs or credits they have for you? Many do. But why? Why would they want to save you money? Don’t they need to make more money to stay in business and beat their competition? And, isn’t this even more urgent here in […]

5 “Smart” Ways To Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Smart devices are growing rapidly in popularity. In fact, all kinds of experts predict the “internet of things,” the fact that basically everything’s going to be connected to the web, to explode in popularity over the next 5-7 years. How can you use “smart” devices in an affordable way to experience energy savings in your […]

4 Benefits of Saving Energy (And Money) At Your Work

For this post, assume you’re an employee who works on-site. If you work from home, you simply need to follow the home-based energy savings tips you see so often on this blog. You may think at first,”Why should I care about saving energy at work? What’s that going to do for me?” That’s a great […]

Are You Saving Money Using This Little-Known Method?

On this blog, it seems like we’ve covered every last way you can save energy and money. But no matter how thorough we are, you can always find more little ways to make both happen. And here’s another one: an energy-efficient TV set-top box. Last year alone, consumers saved $646 million and prevented the release […]

Top 5 Benefits of Energy Savings

Have you ever thought about why you choose to save energy? Well, there’s the obvious benefits, like saving money and reducing the harm you do to the environment. Those are definitely good things. However, when you choose to save energy, you actually experience many other benefits. And those can include: Feeling Good Because You’re Doing […]

57% of Your Energy Savings Depend on You

Procedia Engineering published a Michigan State study which shows that technological advances in buildings and equipment account for 43% of energy savings. However, the other 57% depends on you. In other words, your behavior determines most of your energy savings. Even if you have the most advanced and efficient appliances and home available, you can […]

6 Reasons You’ll Just Love a Smart Thermostat

Isn’t everything “smart” now? Technology certainly is leading to some pretty cool innovations. What about smart thermostats? You know they save you energy because they’re smarter in how they help you manage your home’s temperature. But why exactly might you like to have one, if you don’t already? Consider these reasons: You Don’t Have to […]

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