Arlington Electric Company That Saves You 27%…Starting Today!

What’s the biggest problem with supposed energy savings “opportunities?” So many of them take months or years before you really start saving money. Replace your windows, and it’ll take 10-15 years before you actually start seeing returns on your investment. Seal your home’s air envelope, and it’ll take 3-5 years.

Go with a new electricity company, and you may never see any savings at all. While deregulation has increased competition and has driven prices down, many electric companies get around that by trapping you in contracts and writing confusing terms so you don’t understand what you really have to pay for.

But not every electric company that serves Arlington works that way.

Some don’t have you sign a contract at all. And they don’t make you pay cancellation fees. So, there’s literally no risk on you to switch to their service.

How Does Electric For Less Work?

Hey, we get it. You want an electric company that’s actually on your side. Sure, they have to charge you money to provide you with the service. But, you want one that makes things simple and straightforward so you know exactly what you get. And you want to start saving the instant you make the switch.

Well, that’s exactly what happens with Electric For Less. With us, you don’t sign a contract at all. So, you’re not locked into a long-term relationship with confusing terms that you don’t understand. Plus, you don’t pay a deposit, and there’s no cancellation fees if you decide to make a change. So, there’s literally no risk on you for making the switch.

Ready for the best part? Our average customer saves 27% versus the typical Texas homeowner. And you can start saving today because you can connect with us for free if your home already has a smart meter.

Why do Electric For Less customers in Arlington save so much money? Well, for starters, you get access to low-kWh rates. Additionally, you get daily text and email notifications of your electricity usage. Many customers learn how they use electricity, and then adjust their behavior to further enhance their savings. That puts you, not your electric company, in control of your savings.

Connect for Free and Start Saving Today

So what’re you waiting for? 27% savings and free connection can be yours today when you call Electric For Less at 888-663-9363 or contact us online.

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