Arlington Electric Company with Low Rates and No Contracts

Does your electric company play games with you? Do you feel like you’re a mere object or number to be manipulated and added to the company’s bottom line?

If that’s the way you feel, then it’s time to consider another electric company. Because of deregulation in Texas, you now have as many choices as you want. In the past, you could only get service from the monopoly electric company. But now, the problem isn’t finding a company, it’s finding a company that cares more about you than their own profits.

What’s Different about Arlington Electric Company Electric For Less?

Electric is the same no matter who you get it from. So the real differentiator among electric companies is the quality of service you get for the price you pay.

At Electric For Less, you always get a low kilowatt hour rate. No one can guarantee “the lowest” prices because they change too rapidly. With us, you can always count on your rate to be low.

Plus, you never sign a contract. That means you’re free to cancel your service if you’re not happy at anytime or for any reason. Many other retail electric providers trap you in long-term contracts that favor their ability to make a profit. And you’ll pay all sorts of fees as you do use their service.

We’re flexible. So, when you run into financial trouble, even if you’re in a day-to-day situation, just call our friendly reps. They’ll help you create a payment plan that works for you.

Why Our Average Customer Saves 27% on Their Electricity

Not only do you get good rates, but you’re likely to save on your actual usage too. In fact, because you get daily text or e-mail notifications, you’ll use 27% less electricity than the average Texan. We’re not entirely sure why, but we think that because you know how and when you use the most electricity with daily text and email notifications, you’re more likely to change your behavior so your savings increase.

Do you live in or near Arlington? Are you ready for serious electricity savings?

Great. Just call 888-663-9363 now. You can even get connected today if your home has a smart meter.

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