Affordable Power in Houston from Electric For Less

In Texas, you no longer have to suffer under the tyranny of the monopoly electric provider. Deregulation has opened up private competition.

That means you now have access to lower prices.

But, the problem with that is that many providers trap you in contracts designed only to benefit them. Or, they create confusing terms so they can find more ways to charge you money.

On the whole, competition has improved the prices and service you can get as a customer. But, you have to evaluate each company carefully and compare them to others to make sure you get a good deal.

You’re a smart consumer who does their research, so it won’t be a problem for you to find a fair deal.

What Makes Electric For Less Different?

For starters, our average customer saves 27% on their electric bill. Some of this is because you get access to low-kWh rates. It’s also because you get daily text and email notifications on your electric usage. So, that means you can understand your electricity usage and quickly adjust your behavior to get savings almost right away.

Saving money’s always good. But, that’s not where things end. We make switching easy, convenient, and risk-free.

You don’t sign a contract. You don’t pay any cancellation fees if you choose to switch. And you can get connected the same day for free if your home already has a smart meter. That means you have absolutely no risk in trying Electric For Less and experiencing those 27% savings.

With our prepaid option, you always get approved. Your credit score doesn’t matter. You pay no deposit. With our post-pay option, you pay nothing down and no deposit with approved credit.

And regardless of how you choose to pay, you always get flexible payment options. You can even pay daily or weekly if finances are tight. Plus, if your finances are really tight, call our customer service reps and they’ll be happy to work out flexible payment arrangements that help you make it through a difficult time.

Just call 866.963.9353 or contact us online today to get all your questions answered…and free same-day access to 27% in monthly energy savings!


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