6 Reasons You’ll Just Love a Smart Thermostat


Isn’t everything “smart” now? Technology certainly is leading to some pretty cool innovations.

What about smart thermostats? You know they save you energy because they’re smarter in how they help you manage your home’s temperature.

But why exactly might you like to have one, if you don’t already?

Consider these reasons:

  1. You Don’t Have to Waste Your Time Constantly Monitoring Your Thermostat

Try doing what a smart thermostat does yourself. Walk back-and-forth a dozen times a day. Program your thermostat for when you leave. And then, wake up a couple times at night too.

That’s more work than it takes to raise your children! Okay – not really. But, you get the point.

  1. Never Make Mistakes

What if you leave your home unexpectedly for a day? What if you forget to set your thermostat to the energy-efficient temperature it should be at for that time? Just like that, during the course of your daily life, you wipe out a bunch of your energy savings.

You’ll never have that problem with a smart thermostat.

  1. Easy Programming

Okay, so the last generation of thermostats weren’t super-difficult to program. But, they weren’t the easiest either. Mistakes were possible. With the new generation of smart thermostats, programming is simple. And since they learn and adjust to your behavior over time, you don’t have to worry about the programming again.

  1. Analyze How You Use Energy

Now here’s where the “smart” part really comes in. You can actually get a monthly report of how you use energy with Nest and Ecobee smart thermostats.

So, you can push your energy savings even further by understanding how you use heating and cooling and adjusting your own behavior.

  1. Get E-mailed Alerts

What if something goes wrong in your home? You leave a window or two open…or your children do. With your old thermostat, you’d have to learn the hard way and find out you have high energy bills for the month. With smart thermostats, you can set acceptable temperature ranges and then get automated e-mail reminders if your home ever falls outside of those. You can catch small problems before they become big ones.

  1. Control Your Smart Thermostat from Anywhere with Your Smartphone

Are you coming home unexpectedly early and you realize you want your home to be a little cooler? No sweat (figuratively and literally). Just whip out your smartphone, go to your smart thermostat’s app, and set your desired temperature.

Pretty cool and handy, aren’t they? Consider installing a smart thermostat today if you haven’t already.

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