5 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

These are easy ways to save energy, help the earth, and have a warm and comfortable winter. Learn what to do in this post from Electric For Less.

“Baby, it’s cold outside,” goes the Dean Martin classic.

It will be cold outside soon.

But it should be warm and comfortable inside your home. And it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to keep it that way.

All right, Mr. Handyman or Handywoman. Let’s see if you can do these easy projects to prep your home for the winter:

  1. Dodge the Draft

Fortunately, there’s no wars happening that require a draft. So we can use this term jokingly.

The draft you’re dodging this time is the cold ones the air brings. Not only are they cold, but they’re costly too.

Fortunately, you can stonewall those drafts for free. Roll up a bath towel you don’t use and place it along the bottom of all the doors that go to your home.

If you’re feeling creative, add some felt eyes and a tongue to make them look like a snake.

  1. Take Care of Your Water Lines

Turn off all your exterior spigots. Drain the water out of your hoses. If you have any A/C units, make sure they have their pipes drained of water too. And shut the water valve off if your A/C has one.

On top of that, take them out of the window if you can. At least make sure their vents are closed.

  1. Install Storm Windows/Doors If You Have Them

There’s actually pretty significant energy savings here. You can increase your energy efficiency up to 45% simply by doing this.

They’re great for reducing the effects of that cold wind. And they make it easier to ventilate your home.

  1. Use an Energy Monitor

They only cost $125 – $150 or so, and many consumers save 15-20% on their electricity costs. Note that the monitor itself does nothing to save you electricity.

What really happens is that the people who use them are budget-conscious and ready to save. After seeing how they actually use electricity, they begin to engage in more energy-saving habits.

  1. Are Your Pipes Warm to the Touch?

If they are, that means they’re prime candidates for insulation. You can do the same with your hot water heater too. Pre-cut foam that acts as a jacket is affordable and available at major retailers and your local hardware stores. You’ll simply have to cut it to the right size.

So those are some simple home winterization projects. Which do you think you will tackle today?

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