3 Cool Tech Devices That’ll Save You Energy

Most people think of technology as consuming energy. But this time it saves energy. Learn how these devices help you do just that.

Usually, when you think of technology, you think of adding a new device to your home that consumes energy. Never needed that laptop or smartphone years ago, did you?

And now every household has to have one. They don’t use a lot of electricity. But there’s so many of these devices that it all adds up.

TVs have gotten larger and more affordable. But, the energy they consume is going down too.

And then you have the cloud. How many files, photos, and videos do you have stored across multiple devices?

That data gets stored in 2-3 data centers in different parts of the nation. And devices have to stay on to store that data!

But, technology can be used to reduce energy usage too. Here are some cool devices that do just that:

  1. Smart Thermostat

Nest gets a lot of popularity, and you’ve likely already heard about it. Basically, you don’t program it. Instead, it learns how you use electricity and then creates an auto-programmed schedule that changes as your electricity use changes.

Perfect. It’s easy to get way too busy and forget about your energy use.

But, there’s a newcomer to the market – eversense by Allure Energy. It uses GPS technology powered by a smartphone app that tracks when you enter and leave your home. As you do, it adjusts your home’s temperature up or down accordingly. In fact, it even raises the temperature while you’re on your way home, so your house is warm when you walk in.

  1. Smart Washing Machines

LG revealed The Smart Washing Machine with built-in Wi-Fi. No, the point isn’t to be able to check your e-mail or the news while you do the wash.

Instead, it’s “smart-grid” ready. That means it learns when peak and off-peak electric hours are in your locality, assuming your utility is smart-grid ready itself. Then, it only operates during the lowest use hours, which makes sure you pay the least for electricity that’s possible. Oh, and it’s also designed to fit more clothes in fewer loads. If there’s a malfunction, the machine attempts to diagnose and fix the issue so you don’t have to pay for more service calls.

  1. Energy-Efficient Power Adapters – The Green Plug

This one’s pretty interesting. It negotiates a “digital handshake” between the device and power supply. The power supply is cut off as soon as the device gets what it needs.

Perfect for charging devices!

So those are 3 ways you may be able to save energy with new devices in the coming years.

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