2015 Halloween Energy Savings Spectacular

Don’t let these vampires, ghosts, ghouls, and specters steal your energy and drive up your bills. Learn how to save energy this Halloween.

“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble,” say the three witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Toil and trouble happens in life.

But it doesn’t have to with energy savings.

At least, not when you follow this Halloween energy savings guide:

  1. Drive Stakes Through the Hearts of “Energy Vampires”

They’re just as slick and deceptive as Count Dracula himself. They won’t suck your blood, but they will suck your energy and money.

Your appliances and electronics consume energy when plugged in but not in use. Think of your TV in standby mode, a computer in sleep mode, a fully charged smartphone that’s still charging, and even toasters and coffee makers that eat up electricity when not in active use.

Unplug these “energy vampires,” or get smart power strips that manage that for you automatically.

  1. Burn Candles Instead of Lights

The only thing that’s more efficient than LED lights is not using them at all.

You can light your home, or parts of it, with candles instead.

This time, you’re not burning witches at the stake. Rather, you’re doing a noble thing and saving energy.

Don’t feel safe with candles?

LEDs are your next best choice. If they cost too much for your budget, make sure you have CFL style bulbs.

  1. Use Solar Lights for All Exterior Lighting

Like to light up your pathway? Enjoy decorating your fence? Just want to show off your home?

Great, get help from the sun, instead of using electricity.

Plus, light keeps the evil Count Dracula away. You don’t want to wake up in the morning with two mysterious bite marks on the side of your neck!

  1. Slay the Demons That Cable Companies Sneak Inside Your Home

According to this post, cable companies that provide set-top boxes used about $3 billion in electricity in 2010. An astonishing $2 billion of that was completely wasted in standby mode!

Turning the box off seems like good protocol. But that doesn’t reduce all the power it consumes. To banish this energy demon from your home forever, make sure your set-top box meets ENERGY STAR 4.1 standards. Request a whole-home DVR, and a thin client for any additional TVs beyond your primary one.

Finally, Have a Safe and Fun Halloween!

Don’t let your focus on saving energy ruin the real point of Halloween – having fun with your family. But to try to be nice to the earth, and get yourself some good money savings too with these tips.

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