16 Clever Ways to Save Energy in 2015

All right, all right. It’s time for some energy savings tips that don’t get the fair attention they deserve.

Let’s get right to it:

  1. Plant leafy trees on the south side of your home. They’ll block the sun in summer, reducing cooling costs. During winter, they’ll lose their leaves, so the sun heats your home and reduces heating costs.
  2. For your exterior lighting, use LEDs with solar collectors. Absolutely no energy costs for you there.
  3. Avoid window A/C altogether if you can stand it. If you can’t, read this guide from Consumer reports to identify the right size for your home.
  4. See if your window panes move around at all. If they do, replace the putty to form a tighter seal and improve energy efficiency.
  5. Check your refrigerator’s door seal by placing a dollar bill in it, and then closing the door. Try to pull the dollar bill out. If it’s easy, replace the gasket on the door.
  6. Make those CFLs and LEDs even more efficient by using motion sensors to turn them off entirely the moment you leave the room.
  7. Cover your waterbed with a quilt or blanket all day long so it doesn’t lose its heat.
  8. Get the most heat out of your fireplace by burning only hardwood and having the chimney cleaned and inspected annually.
  9. Buy natural gas appliances when it’s time to replace your old ones. They’re almost always more efficient than electric ones.
  10. If you don’t mind how the microwave cooks, it only uses 20% of the energy that your oven does.
  11. Inflate your tires to the manufacturer’s specification to save gas.
  12. If you have a baby, use cloth diapers instead of standard ones.
  13. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
  14. Instead of using electrical appliances to do work for you, do the work yourself. For example, it’s easy to use a hand can opener.
  15. This one’s selfless – buy locally grown food and products when you can. They don’t have to be processed and shipped thousands of miles, which saves energy.
    Have a barrel you use to collect rainwater to water your garden.

Those are 16 different ways to save energy as 2015 winds down. Happy savings!

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